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How To Deal In Antiques, 5th Edition

Whether you want to find the best bargains when buying antiques and collectables as a hobby, or whether you want to turn your interest in antiques into an extra income stream or full-time career, this book will help you make better deals and maximise your profits. You'll discover: - * what to buy and sell * where to buy and how to get bigger discounts * where and how to sell * using the internet for both buying and selling. * Antiques expert, Fiona Shoop, highlights the tricks of the trade to help you avoid making common but costly mistakes - and ensure that you get the best out of the antiques world.
R 142,65

Record Keeping in a Hybrid Environment

This book brings together key ideas about record keeping in a multi-media environment.
  • Written by leading figures in the field
  • Comprehensive coverage of the topic
  • Contains the most up-to-date information
R 1 030,45

Managing Archives

Managing Archives provides a practical guide to archives management. It has three main target audiences: those who have been tasked by their organization to manage its archives but who have no prior training; those who are starting out as professionals or para-professionals in a record keeping environment and need basic guidance; and students who are currently studying for a professional qualification. Basic guidance is supplemented by comprehensive references to professional literature, standards, web sites etc. to enable the reader to further their studies at their own pace. The text includes a range of optional activities that enable the reader to translate principles into practice and feel greater ‘ownership’ with the guidance.
  • There is no similar book on the market
  • There is known demand both from practitioners and students
  • The book offers guidance in the implementation of archival processes in a range of institutional contexts, and enables a universal application
R 1 030,45