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South African language rights monitor 2008

The bilingual South African Language Rights Monitor 2008 / Suid-Afrikaanse Taalregtemonitor 2008 is the seventh annual report on the situation pertaining to language rights and language matters in general in South Africa.
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Spirit and healing in Africa : A reformed pneumatological perspective

In southern Africa, faith communities and religious institutions play a major role in assisting believers to find health, healing and well-being in everyday life. The Reformed tradition is often considered as neglecting these very matters.
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A practical guide to guest house management

As the successful managing and running of a guest house has its own set of challenges, the intention of this book is to provide a practical guide to assist both guest house owners and managers in managing their establishments effectively. In order to provide a comprehensive view of guest house management the book is divided into seven themes.
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Empowering IT & CAT Teachers

Empowering IT & CAT Teachers (Elza Mentz, ed) is a methodological guide to effective teaching of the school subjects Information Technology (IT) and Computer Applications Technology (CAT).
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Politics and Higher Education in East Africa (from the 1920s to 1970)

This title comes at a time when higher education is receiving specific attention in Africa in general and in South Africa in particular. Although written from the historical and political science viewpoints, the book has policy implications and is a contribution to the reconfiguration of the landscape in African higher education.
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Transforming theological knowledge : Essays on theology and the university after apartheid

A number of outstanding public intellectuals such as Jonathan Jansen, Crain Soudien and Lis Lange have been invited to present papers to clarify the conceptual challenge and what this might entail for theology.
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Economic Perspectives : Ruiterbosch Essays in Honour of Peet Strydom

Peet Strydom celebrated his 75th birthday on 20 January 2012. Within the spirit of the Ruiterbosch Conferences over the past 14 years, the editors suggested a book to commemorate this event and to celebrate the stimulating and fruitful discussions we had in the past.
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Mozart 1756-1791 : Sinfonia concertante in E flat major for violin, celle and orchestra KV 364

This is the sheet music for the solo cello transcribed and arranged from the solo viola part in Simfonia Concertante in E flat major for violin, cello and orchestra KV 364.
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On strategy : Strategic theory and contemporary African armed conflicts

The literature on the art of war over centuries presupposed that the decision maker was a single entity with a coherent and unitary political will. The ideal strategy maker was thus Alexander the Great, or a Napoleon.
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Sustaining Cape Town : Imagining a livable city

Although cities constitute the key contributors to unsustainable development, especially due to their ecological and equity impacts, they are also viewed as the vehicle for the transition to a sustainable future for humanity both in terms of technologies as well as policies and lifestyle changes.
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An experiment in Bible translation : The translation of "covenant" into Lomwe with a focus on Leviticus 26

This study sketches a complete arc from the impact at worldview level of covenant concepts in the Hebrew of the Old Testament to impact at worldview level among present-day Lomwe-speakers in northern Mozambique.
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Principles of anaesthesia for the undergraduate student

Principles of anaesthesia for the undergraduate student was compiled by the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
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