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Acts of Transgression : Contemporary Live Art in South Africa

In this ground-breaking collection of critical essays, 15 writers explore the experimental, interdisciplinary and radically transgressive fi eld of contemporary live art in South Africa.
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Beginner's Guide to Linocut : 10 Print Projects with Top Techniques to Get You Started

Learn to create beautiful and practical linocut prints at home with this contemporary guide to a well-loved traditional art form.
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Illuminating lives

Eleven fascinating lives are illuminated in this highly readable collection of South African biographical essays by a group of distinguished authors.
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65 Years of Friendship

Sixty-Five Years of Friendship tells the heartrending story of a remarkable friendship between two remarkable men: world-renowned human-rights lawyer George Bizos, and Nelson Mandela. George and Madiba met as students at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1948.
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Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy: A Short, Short History of South Africa

An asteroid the size of Table Mountain crashed into what was to become South Africa over 2 billion years ago, marking the spot. The country’s history since then has always been robust and full of energy.
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A History of Sub-Saharan Africa

The second edition of A History of Sub-Saharan Africa continues to provide an accessible introduction to the continent's history for students and general readers. It places events and developments that general readers will be familiar with into a broad context, emphasising the role of environment and geography in shaping the African past.
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Apartheid : An illustrated history

The one thing that looms largest in South Africa's future is South Africa's past – most especially the nearly five decades of division and conflict at the heart of one of the twentieth century's most infamous social experiments.
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Boereverraaier : Teregstellings tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog

Tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog was dit nie net Boer teen Brit nie, maar ook Boer teen Boer. Etlike burgers van die Boere-republieke het as joiners by die Britse magte aangesluit, terwyl ander inligting oor die Boeremagte aan die vyand verskaf het. Die straf vir die verraad? Die dood.
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Becoming Zimbabwe : A history from the pre-colonial period to 2008

In 1997, the then Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Morgan Tsvangirai, expressed the need for a "more open and critical process of writing history in Zimbabwe . . .
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Alexandra : A history

Alexandra - A history is a social history of one of South Africa's oldest townships. It covers the period from the township's founding in 1912, when it was perceived as a peri-urban out-post, through to its growth as a centre of black working class life in the heart of Johannesburg, to the post-apartheid era.
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African Studies: Kings, Commoners and Concessionaires: The Evolution and Dissolution of the Nineteenth-Century Swazi State Series Number 31

This is the first full-length study of the political economy of one of the African states formed during the nineteenth-century Zulu revolution. It covers the evolution of the Swazi state and the dynamics of its stratified systems; its relations with the surrounding Boer societies; and its eventual dissolution.
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A History of South Africa

`A remarkable feat of scholarship, fairness and readability, full of lively detail with a freshness of style which brings new life to the narrative' Anthony Sampson
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