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A man living in the future tells the story of his life as a boy back in the 2020s, when he is forced to learn to survive in a changing world beset by violent storms, economic collapse and families being torn apart at the seams.
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142 Wellington Place

The suspense in this engaging crime narrative is riveting and keeps building up until it reaches a most unexpected climax filled with excitement and pathos.Fourteen years after the end of World War II, former RAF fighter pilot Ben Benison gets a frantic phone call from Celia, the wife of his best friend, Don. It seems Don has been unfaithful, and the proof stands in the hallway of the couple's home: Ada Hamilton, a young, fragile, pregnant girl who clutches love letters written in Don's hand. U
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The year is 2030. The world is in chaos, and Onyx Pion, a young woman from NYC with superior military training, steals compromising information from Orion, her powerful and dangerous employer. Marked for death, Onyx desperately tries to reach Mateo, her mentor, the only person she can trust, before she runs out of time. But unfortunately, Orion Security is part of a global empire that rules the world. With their drones patrolling the skies and surveillance everywhere, It's only a matter of time
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When Civil War breaks out on a distant colony world, Westridge the home of Daniel Shaddick and his brother Mathew is the first to fall. Daniel escapes leaving his brother behind, so begins his private war in hope of finding his brother and redemption. He finds love and friendship and forgiveness on the adventure to rescue his brother.
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8: A Song for the Peach Tree In My Master's Garden

When a young boy is betrayed by his teacher, he is driven by his own sense of justice and the driving force of what it means to be a samurai while searching for love and honor in this coming-of-age origins tale of Miyamoto Musashi.
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25 Reasons to Hate Christmas and Cowboys : A small town holiday romance

A sexy small town cowboy tries to make a grinchy Aussie fall in love with Christmas. And with him.
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...Till It's Over!

Claim an inheritance. It's a simple goal, right? Nothing is simple when Cole returns to Centauri, the seat of Coleson Interstellar Engineering. Challenges at every turn, with no idea who he can trust. And then...the Solar Republic gets involved. Will Cole find the people working against him in time? Will they succeed in ending the Coleson line once and for all?
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6s and 7s

Enforcement officer Theta Beauline has seen a lot while defending Earth's one city. A world built around a 1-10 ranking of a person's appearance, intelligence and moral character may not be popular with everyone but it has worked well enough for most. Theta will do what it takes to protect the system and the people who's lives are bettered by it. He may be a touch bias, however, as an 8 he is pretty close to the top. Theta's views will be challenged when a precocious hacker named Zeta enters h
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47 Days : The True Story of Two Teen Boys Defying Hitler's Reich

The true story of two German teens who dared to defy and disobey Hitler's last command. Without knowing how long the war might continue, they spent 47 harrowing days as fugitives on the run.
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1% Free

1% Free is a near-future science fiction political thriller set in 2042. As America's second civil war rages, PI Jimmy Hidalgo hunts a serial killer and salvor Becky Wiley recovers a mysterious object. Chased by cops and aliens across a balkanized country on the verge of social insurrection, they meet up in a spectacular galaxy-wrenching showdown.
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23 Degrees South : A Tropical Tale of Changing Whether...

23 Degrees South follows two 23 year-old childhood pals, Hart and Simon, on a twisting, unexpected, adventure of force-fed, self-discovery. The story departs from the tennis courts of Southern California traveling to the back streets of Sao Paulo, through the treacherous jungles of Brazil, then back again.
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3 the Hard Way

Malcolm Cavanaugh Bleekston, MC Bleak, McBleak, enjoys hobnobbing with the one percenters and stealing from them. In The Extractors, he puts his life on the line to take a greedy man's gain while wondering if his girlfriend sees through his facade. Ned "Noc" Brenner is a drifter with an unusual skill set-he's an extreme athlete good at whatever he does be it MMA fighting to riding a motorcycle off a mountaintop. After winning in an all-night poker game, this sets in motion a series of events in
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