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7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy! (Manga) Vol. 1

Reincarnation drama gets sent into overdrive in this isekai tale full of romance and scheming - and don't miss the original light novels, also from Seven Seas!
R 290,00

A Friendly King

King was a Border collie puppy we picked out at the dog pound. We all loved him and regarded him as a member of our family, but he also became a neighborhood dog that everyone seemed to know and love. His daily routines, including sleeping in our son's school classroom, enabled him to have more friends than his owners did in that community.
R 180,23

69872. : A Memoir by Alan Brooks

From penury to plenty, and back again. Or was it? Tales of an independent craftsman, in, of and about his times.
R 325,38

A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent

"A quick, easy and important educational comic guide to giving and receiving consent in sex, relationships, and other physical contact. How do you tell someone you want to do stuff with them? How do you ask if they want to do stuff with you? How do you know what stuff you want to do with each other? Enter: Sargeant Yes Means Yes from the Consent Cavalry, a beacon of clarity in a fuzzy minefield of questions. Sarge drops in on a diverse range of folks deciding whether to engage in sexual act
R 140,25 R 165,00

A Dance Amongst The Flames : A Young Foreign-Born Mom's Journey from Terrorist Attack and US Government Victimization to Triumph over Severe PTSD

Yasemin, a young Muslim Turkish girl, falls in love with a handsome American named Frank in Ankara, Turkey. After they marry and have two children, Yasemin joins her husband working at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. She can sense that her lifelong dreams are finally within reach. But external forces were set in motion to derail her plans - terrorists bombed the American Embassy in Nairobi on August 7th, 1998, while she and her husband are inside. Frank is critically injured and flown t
R 450,89

1000 Facts about Comic Book Characters Vol. 3

Deadpool has teamed up with Sherlock Holmes, Mowgli, The Little Mermaid, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Moby Dick. Wonder Woman had a job selling tacos. Black Panther was nearly called Coal Tiger. Captain America has turned into a cat, a vampire, and a werewolf. Iron Man took over SHIELD. He found it so stressful, he had to see a counsellor. Robin had a fax machine built into his boot. Magneto suffers bipolar. After Batman seemingly died, Commissioner James Gordon became the new Batman. Superman destroy
R 327,98

A Perilous Escape from Africa

This short novel is about three friends who decided to leave Nigeria to travel to Europe for a better life. This book will also give you an understanding of what African people are facing (kidnapping, human smuggling, fear, chaos) and what they go through to get to a better life.
R 565,07

1000 Facts about Comic Books Vol. 2

Deadpool is terrified of cows. Batman had a brother. Spider-Man has teamed up with the Transformers. The X-Men is a rip-off of The Doom Patrol. Captain America was the first superhero to be rebooted. The Flash can burn 1.6 billion calories in a minute. Hulk quit The Avengers after the second issue. Mogo is a superhero who is also a planet. There is a pig version of Iron Man called Iron Ham. Joker has killed over 2,000 people. Magneto used to be an Avenger. Lex Luthor joined the Justice League.
R 327,87

A Forest in the Desert : The Life of Saint John the Short

Following in the footsteps of great desert fathers, John the short leaves the comfort of the world and embarks on a journey across the Egyptian desert to walk the trying path of monasticism.
R 782,97

A Dragon Smirks : Cartoons by Joseph Pillsbury

A collection of the very best of DRAGON Magazine cartoons plus some never before seen toons! Cartoonist Joseph Pillsbury finally releases decades of RPG and fantasy comic that should make every nerd squeal with delight!
R 459,82

A Question of Promise Volume 2

With Eve moving in on Dice's invitation, Eric's life just got a little bit more complicated. Eden doesn't seem to mind though, and with Erin's career on the up and up, things don't feel too bad. But when Alvin and McMahon make their dramatic return, the end can only be near... A Question of Promise Volume 2 collects the second eight issues together in graphic novel format. Includes a foreword by Justin Halliday and afterword by Andy Symons.
R 573,29

A Question of Promise Volume 1

Eric is an ordinary twenty-something guy. His housemate Dice is an extraordinary sentient pool-of-water. Together with Eric's girlfriend Eden, they go on the biggest adventure of all - Life. A Question of Promise Volume 1 collects the first eight issues together in graphic novel format. Includes a foreword by Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry) and afterword by Andy Symons.
R 573,29