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Ao Haru Ride, Vol. 11

The popular shojo manga series that was adapted into the Blue Spring Ride anime!
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American Gods: The Moment of the Storm

The Moment of the Storm (Part 3): Now adapted as a graphic novel, the highly acclaimed epic from international bestseller Neil Gaiman.
R 403,75 R 475,00

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, Vol. 2

Sometimes you find what you yearn for...
R 153,00 R 180,00

American Politics : A Graphic Guide

The people, ideals and events that have shaped a nation - in comic book form
R 174,25 R 205,00

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, Vol. 1

Sometimes you find what you yearn for...
R 153,00 R 180,00

A Puff of Smoke

A moving, often very funny graphic memoir about what it is like to grow up with an illness that no one can diagnose. When the headaches started, Sarah Lippett would stand alone on a different side of the playground from the other children. When she started to drag one of her legs, her parents took her to hospital, and so began
R 440,00

Age Of X-man: Nextgen

In an age of utopia, the Summers Institute for Higher Learning is the premiere school for the mutant community across the globe. Attendance is mandatory for all mutant children, as they learn to become the next generation of marvelous X-Men. But even in a utopic society, teenagers will always find a way to rebel. Collects Age of X-Man: Nextgen 1-5.
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Asgardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

The Asgardians of the Galaxy are back and will face off against more familiar faces to keep the galaxy safe. Then it's the tie-in you've been waiting for as the WAR OF REALMS hits the Marvel Universe! The Asgardians must contend with the forces of Malekith and deal with the loss of one of their own. COLLECTING: ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 6-10
R 255,00 R 300,00

American Born Chinese

A tour-de-force by rising indie comics star Yang, "American Born Chinese" tells the story of three apparently unrelated characters whose lives and stories come together with an unexpected twist in this action-packed modern fable.
R 212,50 R 250,00

Ariol #6: A Nasty Cat

Translation of: Une jolie vache. Chat mechant.
R 242,25 R 285,00

A Game of Thrones: Graphic Novel, Volume Three

George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy masterwork A Game of Thrones is brought to life in the pages of this full-colour graphic novel. This is the third volume in what is sure to be one of the most coveted collaborations of the year. Now a major Sky Atlantic TV series from HBO, featuring a stellar cast.
R 314,50 R 370,00

Alice in Sunderland : An Entertainment

Bryan Talbot takes the city of Sunderland and the story of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell (the 'real' Alice) as the spine of his story and around them spins a spectacularly diverse range of different stories.
R 520,00