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Adult Fiction

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#panic : The thrilling new book from the author of Killing Eve

The thrilling and exhilarating new novel from Luke Jennings, author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Killing Eve series
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(Not) Your Basic Love Story

Stubbornly independent Becky isn't looking for love, but when sparks fly on a flight to Mexico she learns her carefully planned life might be the opposite of what she needs. What begins as a fun vacation fling with a sexy stranger turns into so much more. The problem? Dev and Becky couldn't be more different. Back home in Vancouver, Canada, their relationship grows, and their two worlds collide. Can a roommate-hating city girl with a diet of chicken nuggets and cheap wine make it work with
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#FollowMe for Murder : Trending Topic Mysteries

Murder is about to go viral for social media influencer Coco Cline. After selling a tech startup to Facebook in a multi-million-dollar deal, blogger Coco Cline has returned to her hometown of Central Shores, Delaware to launch her own social media consulting firm. Her new clients, Sean and Olivia Chen, are ten days away from the grand opening of their specialty consignment shop when Coco stumbles across their assistant Stacy dead behind the register. Worried that a cloud of suspicion wi
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...Till It's Over!

Claim an inheritance. It's a simple goal, right? Nothing is simple when Cole returns to Centauri, the seat of Coleson Interstellar Engineering. Challenges at every turn, with no idea who he can trust. And then...the Solar Republic gets involved. Will Cole find the people working against him in time? Will they succeed in ending the Coleson line once and for all?
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KEEGAN: Sightseeing, gay bars...and if I'm lucky, maybe a couple of random hookups. That's the extent of my plans when I sign up for a European vacay with my buddies. I've never heard of this Parlaisa country--but hey--a cheap flight and two-star hotel are perfect for a poor college kid, right? And the trip turns out to be even better than I could have possibly imagined when I end up in a bar with some sexy masked guy's tongue down my throat. And damn...what a tongue. Even with his fa
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#1 Love

Childhood friendships weren't meant to last forever, except for when they turned into crushes. And the years had been kind to Alex Larsson. Maya didn't come back to L.A for him, but she wasn't able to ignore him either. Love or lust-the only thing not determined. But hopefully finding out wouldn't ruin the best friendship she'd ever had.
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ህልኽ ተስፎምን ሃብቶምን-Tesfom & Habtom's Rivalry (Tigrinya Edition) : ቀዳመይቲ መጽሓፍ-1st Book

SUBTITLE: Story of justice, aggression, betrayal & steadfastness This is a story of genuine family love, thoughtfulness, neighborliness, and successful partnership that suddenly turns sour, due to irrational rivalry and obduracy and how the families eventually slide into an abyss of failure, loss, separation, grudge and enmity.
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PR Rep Dax Munro heads to Fever Falls to persuade Insta-star #HottieFirefighter Jace Kruse to sign an endorsement deal. But the deal isn't the only thing he'll be persuading Jace about... MM Romance.
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#1 Muse

Writing fan-fic was an excellent distraction for Claire. Enter Nick Larsson, her #1 muse. Tall, good-looking and sexy, and clueless to her fictional fantasies. Or . . . he was. A misappropriated copy of an instalment changed that. She was going to get amazing material, or a restraining order. Either way, it was getting a hell more interesting.
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(m)otherhood is a collection of short fiction from author Anna Lea Jancewicz. The stories in this collection are of strong female protagonists struggling with their failing domestications and profound disconnections, as explored through dark humor and fabulism.
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#1 Lie

What do you do when you lie to your family and tell them you've met the man of your dreams? Hire an actor to play the part. All Jessica had to do was get through her cousin's wedding without anyone discovering her lie. Oh, and she also needed to not fall in love with him too. Sometimes the biggest lie is the one you tell yourself.
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Airports are so much more than travel hubs. Every arrival and departure is the beginning or an end to a story. Love, separation, greed and addiction - From London to Los Angeles, Tokyo to Sydney, the drama unfolds. Dreams are shattered, problems solved and deals made. Put it all into a blender and serve cold - it's gazpacho.
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#1 Rival

It was a power play, and one Lauren Harper intended to win. She didn't care Roman Pierce was the sexiest man she'd ever seen. She needed to destroy him and she was sure he wanted to do the same to her. Unfortunately there were other things they both wanted to do to each other too. Business or pleasure? Someone was going to get burned.
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...and Something Blue : 21 Tales of Love Lost and Found

Exciting new storyteller on the scene! Dennis Kastendiek's 21 Stories of Love Lost & Found feature romantic relationships in rich language with mature understanding. Blending a lifetime of experience, an M.A. in cultural anthropology with 1st class writing chops from famed University of Iowa, his heart wrenching tales reverberate unforgettably.
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#1 Player

Lila Callan had an unconventional upbringing--unavoidable when your mother owns a brothel. But while she'd inherited some of her parents' 'wacky and offbeat', she was also strong, independent and incredibly intelligent. The fact she was tall, beautiful and blond was a bonus she never really cared to exploit. She wasn't uptight; it's just that long term was more her thing, with zero interest in one-night stands. Until she met Ryan York and then she isn't so sure. Blindingly good looking. In
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"Intention": War for the Han Frontier

A historical fiction novel that recounts several famous events from early 3rd Century Chinese history and details the early careers of future heroes of the Three Kingdoms era
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#1 Crush

It's a fine line between obsession and admiration, and Tia isn't certain on which side she stands. One thing is sure, she needs to meet Eric Larsson-the Hollywood movie star that makes her insides twists. Eric Larsson doesn't even know she exists. Can Tia make her dream come true without her mug shot being broadcasted on the five o'clock news?
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...And On The 7th Day, She Rests...

...And on the 7th Day, She Rests..., is an introductory bio-sketch of the lives of 5 women and a teenage girl. They are finding their voice, and given a platform to tell their stories. This book gives a reflective look of some of the things they've already experienced. We get a glimpse of non-discriminatory scenarios that any of us could find ourselves in. We see successful ways they've practiced avoidance, functioned through depression, practiced denial, and lived through the driving forces th
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#GirlRogues : Braggadocio

#GirlRogues: Braggadocio, "They're dangerous to love, more dangerous to loath - which girl are you?" Zizzi Bonah's collection of Phem Phant Noir short stories and verses are for those with minds as broad as braggadocio, and nerves hard enough to rival a diamond from the first water.
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#Entrangement : Where Colours Don't Bleed

"He saved her life, only she can save his death!" A phantasy noir about a woman wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of her lover - through a mysterious aide she discovers he isn't dead; he's in limbo! Mission: She must escape and enter a hidden underworld to reunite with him, and together battledore against a very different, terrifying reality.
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"Turmoil": Battle for the Han Empire

A historical fiction novel that recounts several famous events from late 2nd Century Chinese history and details the early careers of future heroes of the Three Kingdoms era
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"Yellow Sky": Crisis for the Han Dynasty

A historical fiction novel that recounts several famous events from late 2nd Century Chinese history and details the early careers of future heroes of the Three Kingdoms era
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Hailed as a modern day 'Catcher in the Rye', Matthew Selwyn's acclaimed debut novel '****, or, The Anatomy of Melancholy' is a startling look into the addled mind of a young man hooked on the culture of the internet and desperately reaching out for human connection.
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Pay the Stake, Roll the Dice, Do the Dare...Getting divorced at twenty-five sucks. Teaching over-confident rich kids when you're all but homeless sucks. In fact, every single aspect of Daisy Fitzgerald's life is one big fail. Enter hot young chef, Xander. He's a Knight-in-Shining-Cricket-Pads who knocks Daisy off her wedge heels and into his privileged world of It-girls, players and Michelin stars. High on cocktails & escapism, Daisy agrees to play Forfeit, the ultimate game of dares. A simple
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