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Academic and Prescribed Textbooks for Law from North-West University

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Law of intellectual property in South Africa

The growing importance of this area of law both locally and internationally has prompted a number of local academics to pool their knowledge in compiling a book that not only deals with the core aspects of the law but also covers developing aspects that are drawing substantial attention both internationally and locally.
R 818,72 R 861,81

Principles of South African constitutional law

Developments have turned the study of South African constitutional law, even at an introductory level into a major undertaking. The purpose of this book is to guide the student of constitutional law in such an undertaking.
R 1 534,29 R 1 615,04

Clinical law in South Africa

The book was first published in 2004 and later updated in 2006. This is the third, updated edition. Our aim for this edition was to refine the text by incorporating changes in law as well as changes arising from the Legal Practice Act.
R 636,17 R 669,66

The law of Estoppel in South Africa

Since the second edition was published some important decisions have been reported on estoppel and these have been considered in this new edition.
R 1 084,28 R 1 141,35

The Law of family in South Africa

This title is core material for the undergraduate law module on the law of family. The text covers all the concepts of family from the perspectives of the different types of unions, including civil unions and customary marriage, children in the family perspective, parental responsibilities and rights, and family law in practice.
R 513,36 R 603,95

South African environmental law through the cases

This book focuses on the judicial precedent as one of the primary sources of modern environmental law in South Africa.
R 602,11 R 633,80

Becoming a lawyer: fundamental skills for law students

Fundamental skills for law students is an essential publication for every new law student. Before the introduction of the four-year undergraduate Bachelor of law degree in South African universities, it was generally assumed that prospective law students would somehow acquire these skills in their pre-LLB degree studies.
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