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Academic and Prescribed Textbooks for allĀ Akademia courses, diplomas and degrees.

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Dinamiese ouditkunde : 'n Studente uitgawe

Hiedie handboek is gebaseer op die opvoedkundige vereistes van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters vir toelating tot ATB (Aanvanlike Toets van Bevoegdheid (of in Engels "Initial Test of Competence" (ITC)) van die Kwalifi-serende Eksamen van die SAIGR.
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Fundamentals of cost and management accounting

Welcome to the eight edition of Fundamentals of Cost and Management Accounting (FCMA). The authors are once again very pleased to deliver a book of exceptional quality and insight that speaks to the heart of every South African student.
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Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors, Cases

The only introduction to foreign policy to combine theories, actors and cases in one volume.
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Administrative law in SA

Administrative Justice in South Africa: An Introduction offers a clear, comprehensive and practical explanation of administrative justice in South Africa, and includes discussion of the important process of judicial review. Practical in its approach, the text provides valuable focus on the application of principles to case law, problem-solving methodology, and specific procedural aspects of administrative justice. The text offers a clear pedagogical framework which
develops independent, crit
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Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics Coursebook with CD-ROM

This Third edition for Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics syllabus (9708) is thoroughly updated for first examination from 2016.
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Corporate Finance: A South African Perspective

Corporate Finance: A South African perspective 2e takes a fresh principles-based approach to the study of financial management. It is aimed at second and third-year students following courses in financial management in BCom or BBusSc degree programmes.
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Business Communication

Business Communication provides a practical framework for students and demonstrates how communication functions in today's business environment. The textbook covers discussions around communication theory, cognitive communication, organizational communication, cultural communication, stakeholder communication, the writing and listening process, and academic literacy.
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Development of Economic Analysis

Charts the development of economic analysis from the classical age of Plato and Aristotle, through the middle ages to the first flowering of economics as a distinct discipline - the age of Petty, Quesnay and Smith - to the era of economics and the marginalist revolution. This book offers coverage of the twentieth century.
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