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About us

Bala Kudu



In 2018, Bala Kudu embarked on a journey to provide readers of all ages, ethnicity, language and industry sectors with an enriched online bookstore to attend to all your reading pleasures and/or studying needs. Our passion for books coincides with our sustainable learning development initiative to enhance and grow literacy and knowledge in all corners of Africa.

We have embedded ourselves with three distinctive and fundamental cornerstones which drive our mission & vision with regards to long term goals and objectives. Bala Kudu is translated from Swahili to English as “Read More” and we have decided to adopt this name in order to display our never waning commitment to the African book market as a whole.

Read – Reading is the initial action that lays the foundation for increasing knowledge and literacy while distributing the learned knowledge to peers, family, and friends, which in turn creates a wealth of knowledge for the community and its members. Bala Kudu supplies our customers with all books published and represented in Africa. Our friendly and helpful staff will also assist in sourcing books that are not on our online bookstore through our worldwide network of supplier relationships.

Learn – Learning and reading develop a sustainable learning community. Our leaders of tomorrow - be it in politics, science, law, technology or engineering - must be presented with an opportunity to acquire the necessary curriculum material and study guides to optimize their learning outcomes in all school and academic classes. Bala Kudu conducts all bulk orders on behalf of entities and ensures that the study material is delivered throughout Africa in a timely manner.

Develop - We believe that to create a more sustainable world and to engage in sustainability-related issues as described in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), individuals must become sustainability change makers. As individuals, we need to make a paradigm shift from “learning” to “teaching” and take responsibility for our own education through a vision of reading, learning, and development. To achieve this objective, readers must have access to books, newspapers, learning material, and regroup into reading clubs where interactive discussions can take place and learners become change makers. Bala Kudu is not only another e-commerce offering selling books, but it is also a network starting at ground level with reading rooms, connecting learners to become change makers and you can enroll your School, Library or Reading Room as part of “Bala Kudu Connect”. Every book purchased on Bala Kudu contributes to an R1 donation to the NGO Adopt-a-Library. Adopt-a-Library is a secondary branch of Bala Kudu to develop societal involvement and increase literacy in rural areas without a library or reading center. 


With our customer-centric culture, we strive to always provide service over and above the customers’ expectations.